Curtain Fabrics

Curtain Fabrics

Branded fabrics


Fabric is an integral part of your curtain, providing individuality and character, each fabric holds its own distinctive uniqueness, complementing the appearance and functionality of the style suited for you. 


The Plains

Plain fabrics come in various textures and colours to choose from, they can have patterns and stripes woven in, if that is your requirement. These fabrics enhance illumination to a space, augmenting the features of the room and creating a pleasing and complementary outlook.  



Strips on the fabrics could come either as vertical or horizontal. The vertical stripe would make the space appear greater in height and stature while the horizontal stripe could make a room appear wider and spacious.



Patterns either woven or printed could come in various shapes, sizes and colours, single or multiple. This is ideal for mixing and matching your fabric to your furniture and home décor.  Providing added vividness and chic to your home, it could be coupled with a beautiful tie back or pelmet. It is also ideal to synchronize with the plain curtains, cushions and fixtures throughout the rest of your home or office.  

Sheers and Voiles. 

These stunning and buoyant fabrics are translucent and diaphanous. Protecting your privacy and Ideal to keep in the illumination while eliminating the intense light, these free-flowing curtains provide a softer look to your room.   The curtains can be used on its own or coupled with Blinds or Drapes. 


Coated Fabrics. 

Secured with a lining at the back of the material these fabrics offer great protection from light and transparency. Increasing privacy and blocking unwanted light. Offering some of Australia’s leading window furnishing fabric brands, these fabrics require no additional lining and is an ideal cost-effective preference. 


Our Brands

Features & Benefits

  • A wide range of plain, patterned, single or multi-coloured fabrics to choose from to suit your preference and budget. 
  • Stripes provide a taller or wider effect to your living space. 

  • Options to retain light partially or block it out completely. 

  • The added insulation assists with retention of heating and cooling, conserving energy and costs.
  • Elegance and tranquility with a softer look, with sheer fabrics or a bolder, gallant effect with the patterned fabrics.

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