Roller Blinds

This trendy and stunning window features complements your home adding character and poise. Varied in design from timeless classics to state of the art, these highly functional Roller Blinds are easy to use and maintain. Increasing in popularity due to its versatility, the blinds are perfect for any home or office.

Roman Blinds

Producing a look of absolute luxury and a softer touch to your surroundings, Roman Blinds with their beautiful and seamless folds resounds timeless elegance.  Gliding into a compactly gathered stack, sitting flat against the window when raised and looking extravagantly elegant when let down, they can be used to block out harsh light and preserve privacy.  

Venetian Blinds

An advanced adaptation of the preceding Venetian Blinds that had been the past, the  most commonly used blinds in homes, continue to be extremely popular. They are easy to maintain and present an appealing and ornamental look. The slat design facilitates the excellent control of airflow and sunlight. Providing increased privacy and insulation these blinds standout as a merging of a timeless classic with contemporary elegance. 

Panel Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds are a revolutionized and trendy adaptation of the vertical blind, the former Vertical Blinds consist of several small panels, whereas the more contemporary Panel Glide Blinds presents up to six wide panels that glide smoothly back stacking neatly at the sides. Perfect for large full-length windows, glass or sliding doors, they provide maximum privacy and insulation. These blinds deliver a regal and elegant look to the living space. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile blind types available in the market, having the most extensive range of colours, textures and designs to blow you away.

Honeycomb/ Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blinds known also as Honeycomb Blinds are effectual and excellent at energy saving. Acting as outstanding insulators, the pioneering honeycomb shaped fabric used for these blinds are excellent at trapping air and keeping your space cool during warmer months and cool in warmer months, helping keep a more regularized temperature. They act as a buffer keeping away the harsh light and UV rays. Offering multiple benefits, they are also great at maintaining your privacy needs. Suitable for any type or size of window they come with a standard single cell option with cord control.  

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